Princetons misfit

Hey guys it's gyenimma I know weird name right but you can call me Nimma or Gigi. I'm 15 I love singing,dancing anything to do with the arts and I am an aspiring singer. I live in London but will forever call Jamaica home... April 15th is my birthday. I love mb they inspire me so much Princeton is my one and only. My idols are MB and Mariah Carey. Stay mindless :)

I think my brother got me the all around the world movie for my birthday cause he ordered it and it might get here in a few days, I still haven’t seen it since it didn’t come out in London 🙏😢



we’re halfway thru april, u know what tht means?



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so much tragedy…. i can only wish for everyone safety and god mercy on us

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Me at school everyday.

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